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Customized wireless metal shell CNC machining

Product Description

Mobile phone appearance trend over the past two years, to the metallization in the shift, major manufacturers have launched in all metal box machine, CNC because of its high efficiency, high precision, stable machining quality become the necessary equipment of mobile phone shell companies, the advantages of many structural engineers may all don't know the specific process and details, just know that the product is made by CNC. However, there will be no good results without a good process. Understanding the processing process is conducive to the smooth progress of the project. The following is to introduce the whole metal frame processing process.

Cnc Machining Will:

At present, the manufacturing process of all metal shell of 3C products can be roughly divided into three kinds, one is full CNC processing, one is die casting, and the other is the combination of CNC and die casting.

cnc milling parts

CNC processing technology:

Full CNC processing as the name implies (Computernumerical control machine tools, CNC) is from a piece of aluminum alloy sheet (or other metal material sheet), the use of precision CNC processing machine tool directly into the need for the shape of the phone back cover, Including a variety of steps, grooves, screw holes and other structures in the inner frame;

Die casting process:

The whole die casting process cnc milling parts very similar to the production process of plastic products. It uses precision molds to process, but the material is changed from plastic to melted metal.

Combination of CNC and die casting process:

The combination of CNC and die casting is the first die casting and CNC finishing.

Advantages and disadvantages of process:

CNC process costs more and wastes more materials. Of course, the quality of the frame or shell under this process is better. And the principle of die casting is not waste, save time and cost, but not conducive to the late of anodic oxidation process, may be leaving the sand orifice flow, and so on also affect the quality and appearance of small problems, of course, the yield of manufacturers have a concept, of the manufacturer will not let these defective goods into the back of the production process. After understanding the similarities and differences of the two kinds of technology, we began to talk about the metal shell processing technology of mobile phone which is also emerging on thousands of yuan machines.

Modeling and programming are required before CNC machining begins. The difficulty of 3D modeling is determined by product structure. Product modeling with complex structure is more difficult and requires more and more complex programming procedures. Programming includes the processing process setting, tool selection, speed setting, tool each feed distance and so on. In addition, the clamping method of different products is different, and the fixture should be designed before processing. Some complex products need to do special fixtures. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate the size of the raw material and the number of CNC. The quality of the preliminary evaluation will directly affect the processing time and cost in the future.

The cylindrical aluminum is cut and extruded according to the size of the evaluated embryo material. This process is called aluminum extrusion, which makes the aluminum become regular aluminum plate after extrusion convenient for processing, and at the same time more dense and hard. Because the original aluminum is not hard or strong enough. The mobile phone body is generally aluminum alloy, according to different formulas, materials also have different characteristics. For example, the 6000 series aluminum alloy used in iPhone 6 is not strong enough and has a lot of bending. The 7000-series used in the iPhone 6S is much stronger, but it's more brittle, making it harder to deform and once it goes beyond the load it doesn't bend, it breaks. According to the different needs of manufacturers, the formula of aluminum alloy is also different.

CNC Milling

CNC processing technology:

1, aluminum extrusion, DDG, rough milling cavity

Then the aluminum alloy plate milling into the size of the mobile phone body needs, convenient CNC precision processing, and then the rough milling of the inner cavity, the inner cavity and the column positioning fixture processing, play a fixed role in precision processing.

2, milling antenna slot, T processing, nano injection molding

The biggest disadvantage of the metal fuselage is the signal problem, so the metal fuselage must be slotted first, so that the signal can come in and out of the way. Then the antenna slot model T processing, the metal body is placed in a special T liquid chemical agent, so that the surface of aluminum alloy to form a nano hole, convenient nano injection. The next step is nano-injection molding, in which special plastic materials are squeezed into t-treated grooves at high temperatures and pressures. (Injection molding of some mobile phone bodies is added later)

Injection materials are PPS and PBT

3, fine milling arc surface, fine milling side

After nano injection molding is finished, it cnc milling parts necessary to process the metal surface, that is, the 3D model of the mobile phone body. After this process, the basic shape of the phone body is worked out.

4, polishing, sandblasting

The use of top speed precision CNC machine tools will make the metal body to achieve A1~A2 level of finish, which is far from enough. The body needs to be polished to an A0 finish, after which the mirror effect can be achieved. The metal surface is then treated to a matte effect, sandblasting is to obtain film light decoration or subtle reflective surface to meet special design needs such as soft gloss.

5, one anode, high gloss treatment (diamond cutting), fine milling inner cavity

In order to prevent the metal fuselage from being contaminated by external factors such as sweat and improve its stability, it must be anodized. This is also the process of coloring the mobile phone body. The anodic treatment of aluminum is a layer of oxide film formed on the metal surface by the action of electric current. It has rich color, beautiful color, good electrical insulation, hard wear resistance and high corrosion resistance.

After the first level anode, the volume keys, speakers, and so on, need to be perforated. After opening the hole, the use of the highest level of ultra-high-speed CNC machine tools to cut the corners, is a very mysterious diamond cutting link, it is called diamond cutting is not because of the crystal clear cut frame like diamond, but to complete the cutting tool is diamond. The edges of the cut shell will have a nice highlight finish. Go up with thick and thin knife grain to use refraction principle, can enhance adornment effect greatly.

It should be emphasized that in order to ensure that the width and Angle of the cutting are strictly consistent, here we also have to use a kind of laser knife instrument to control the thickness of the knife grain and the width of the cutting edge. In simple terms, it is the laser knife in the first place to cut a circle, according to the shape of the measured object measured data feedback to the CNC machine tool, and then cutting to start.

6, secondary anode, milling conductive position

The outer metal body is then anodized for a second time to form a dense, hard oxide film on the surface of the shell to ensure wear resistance and stain resistance of the body. The electrical conductivity of the anodized aluminum alloy shell will become poor, so it is necessary to remove the local anodized film, and the exposed metal has obtained a good grounding effect. At this time, it is necessary to mill the CNC processing of the conductive position again.

7, hot melt nut

Processing is basically done here. Finally, use manipulator to insert the assembly nut into the plastic injection molding, used to fix the motherboard or other components.

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